International Logistics & Ecommerce
Fulfilment & Landed Cost

In order to provide industry leading services GDN takes the time to understand our customers industry, sales cycle, and information technology capabilities. Understanding your industry and the type of products that you ship allows GDN to customize a solution that begins with the checkout process. There are several methods to implement a successful end-to-end transactional solution for global shipping, the key is having a partner like GDN that can provide guidance on the best solution for your business.

Landed Cost at Checkout

Our landed costs API can be called at various milestones during the checkout process, this level of flexibility ensures the customer receives the most accurate Duty & Tax rate at checkout.

Customs Compliance

The development of our Parcel Delivery System (PDS) was built from the ground up with the primary focus of International Clearance. With over 25+ years of experience in the Mail and International shipping industry GDN has built a network that streamlines the clearance process.

Returns Management

No matter how robust the delivery network you will undoubtedly have customers who have a need to return merchandize. Because GDN is focused on providing the best in class service we tailor a returns solution that meets your company’s requirements.


GDN's unique use of technology allows us to control Routing, Clearance, Distribution and Returns Management.

Fulfilment Services

Let us handle all your order fulfillment needs. Our facilities are all full-service pick/pack ecommerce warehouses.


PDS Web provides a platform that brings all GDN services together in one centralized solution.

Service Attributes

Checkout Process

The most essential part of a successful E-Commerce solution is the checkout process. Today’s shopper has certain expectations of the ecommerce experience and GDN will make sure your business is ready to provide them. Many customers want the option to pay duty and taxes at the time of checkout while a few prefer to pay at the door. GDN provides both levels of service so you can remain flexible within your shopping cart solution. The key to GDN’s solution is to remain flexible while staying customs compliant.

Duty & Taxes

It’s important that your customer understands how much they are paying and when they will pay it. But it’s also important to implement a solution that fits your business model and IT capabilities. GDN understands the complexity of Duty and Tax requirements and can customize a solution that ensures that your complaint with the country of clearance without having to rewrite your entire shopping cart solution.