Domestic & International Parcel Service

There are four essential ingredients required to provide a best in class Parcel Service: Processing, Clearance, Delivery and Customer Service. GDN has perfected all four services to provide our customers with the best platform possible to go Global. Our technology provides a fully integrated platform that empowers our customers with the most dynamic and cost effective solution in the industry. By combining our E-Commerce, Processing Technology and Logistics GDN is able to provide a turn-key solution that scales to our customers’ requirements.

Flexiable Integration

Our Parcel Delivery System (PDS) provides several integration paths so you can choose the best method for your business.

Landed Cost at Checkout

Our landed costs API can be called at various milestones during the order process providing the customer with guaranteed rates at checkout.

Global Distribution

The GDN network provides access to over 200 countries right to your customers' doorstep or pickup location.

Custom Pickups

Customized pickups that are centered around our customers schedule.

Efficient Processing

Quick and efficient sorting and processing at our secure TSA complaint facilities, same day induction into our domestic and international network.

Address Hygiene Service

Address Correction Service Visibly deficient addresses are inspected, corrected, on-forwarded, and a copy is faxed or mailed back to you at no additional cost.


Customized Invoicing & Chargeback Reports Including immediate billing - so you can immediately chargeback your customer or department.

Detailed Tracking

Knowing the location of a package is essiential in today's ecommerce environment. That's why PDS offers several tracking methods which can by used by your customers or customer service department to monitor delivery status.

Customer Assistance

Need Assistance? GDN will place an employee on-site to help process parcels, saving you labor cost and freeing up your associates to perform other tasks.

Service Attributes

International Services

Service Transit Time
(in Business Days)
Service Description
International Standard 7-14 Reliable and Economical option for small packages and parcels under 4.4lbs
International Priority 3-8 Priority Fully Trackable Service up to 66lbs.
International Courier 3-5 Door to Door Fully Trackable Service up to 66lbs.